YES!! You're on the correct page. WELCOME TO THE NEW WiFi-4-YOU WEBSITE!!

Welcome to the new WiFi-4-You Payment Center!  Please scroll down to pay your bill. You can also mail a check or money order to the mailing address listed on the right of this page.

GREAT NEWS!!  We are no longer capping usage at 30 GB per month!  Usage is now unlimited (restrictions apply.)  That means we no longer offer High-Use Speed Plans, only Standard-Use Speed Plans. 


The restrictions are:
   1) You must not abuse your connection.  Extreme-heavy use is considered abuse.
   2) This service is not designed for, nor intended to replace your traditional TV service.
        Doing so would be considered a violation of the first restriction.
        —–Occasional video streaming is perfectly acceptable—–

RESIDENTIAL SERVICE PLANS – Please pick your speed plan below:

All prices include a $1 processing fee..

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